I Won’t Pretend

I won’t pretend to love.

I’ll love fully or not at all.

I have no wish to be perfect,

but always; desired, respected, and honest.

I will let you down, challenge you, and make you prove yourself daily.

But I will always be myself.


I will always love you for you.

Appreciate, compliment and admire you.

I won’t take your kindness for granted.

I won’t let my kindness be taken for granted.

I will not be controlled, but value your criticism

I will be loyal, committed to being the best I can be.

I won’t let anyone diminish me,

or make me feel less.

Only I have that power.

I deserve to be loved and complimented,

Reassured and told the truth.

I do know my worth.

I’ve been through sickness and hidden emotions.

I’d rather be real, genuine and meaningful.

Make you mad and expose yourself,

than worry, judge or think anything less of you.

I will not create toxic energy with thoughts or questions.

We are worth more than that.

I will always think highly of you,

or I would not chose to stand next to you.

I love myself enough to speak up to you,

and I love you enough to risk it all.

You’re worth way more to me than anything pretend.

stay true







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