Rituals Are Not Habits

Habits, are repetitive or addictive behaviors you have naturally done regularly in your life without even thinking. There are both bad and good habits. As an example; I have had a bad habit of chewing my nails most of my life, it has been very difficult for me to break. Where as a good habit is like brushing your teeth, or showering, things we have done so routinely for so long that they have become a natural habit we don’t even hardly have to think about.

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Rituals, are things you have chosen to implement and practice consistently every day in your life. These have adapted as you have grown, and learned the things that make you your best. When you practice rituals consistently this creates a baseline for yourself to measure and see how your life is progressing. Good or bad, you have some way of seeing what things in your life have effected you in what way, and how to get back on track when we veer off.

I started running 5 years ago, this gradually became a ritual in my life. It made me feel so good, I began to practice more and more often. During that same time frame I decided to improve my diet, and implemented a lot of rituals in my life without even realizing it. Once I consistently followed these rituals long enough I realized how important they have been in my growth. They helped expose things I had subconsciously hidden like relationship troubles, self hatred patterns, and many other habits that were subconsciously pulling me down that I wouldn’t even noticed cause there was too much other unnecessary stuff I was focusing on.

Consistent rituals allow you to pause your life, analyze, adapt and see what is creating the best outcomes. Without consistent rituals you will be spending your whole life running around in circles, from this to that, and never really be able to become the best version of yourself. You’ll never have a stable understanding of how you function, we need to take more time to pause and reflect.


Rituals are not habits. Rituals weigh more, they’re more important, more powerful, more spiritual. But there is no right ritual for anyone, that’s why it’s important to do things consistently. You have to experiment, and see what makes you feel your best inside yourself, when you’re alone. Try many new things, new exercises, new foods, read new books, expose yourself to new ideas, new places, and things. See what attracts you and what you can see yourself doing often. Then make that a daily ritual for you. Add, or adapt things that make you feel your very best.

These rituals help you be the best possible version of yourself. The best thing about rituals is that they always get done, they are carved in you. When you find the rituals that are for you, you will see that there is always time, your kids, your partner, your work, your friends… never outweigh your commitment to bettering yourself.

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Because your commitment to bettering yourself is more important than the commitment you have with any other person in your life. Everything you do for yourself is reflected directly in every single thing you do for anyone else. If you want to be better at anything, start with being better at being your best self. The cycle is powerful.



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