How Do We Become What We Think?

Today is International Picnic Day!

Many people seem to think that the whole idea of your thoughts creating your destiny, or having any impact on your life at all, is fake, non-sense, hocus pocus crap… But there really is a universal vibe that comes from our thoughts. There is energy associated with each thing you think, there is an outcome that is controlled by everything you can mentally see yourself as.positive-vibes

Usually it’s the negative thinkers that are trapped in this mindset that, life is shitty and it’s always going to be. They think nothing they do will change things, or it’s not worth the effort. These people are accepting to live their lives unsatisfied, afraid of change, and nobody can control them.

Choosing to create a positive lifestyle will change your life and inspire change in other people, but we cannot make someone change, they have to decide that for themselves. Just as though no one can make you feel bad, you can only do that to yourself. By confirming and believing negative messages you are told, you are allowing and accepting to let those messages bring you down. It helped me once I realized that you cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself. This message is what really started making me see my own weakness’. It’s weird how things work, I once judged people that were in unhappy relationships, but did nothing about it. Stayed miserable and I thought “do they realize they’re choosing to live unhappy”. Only to one day realize, that was me sticking out an unhealthy relationship, I was not valued or really loved, but for the longest time I couldn’t see it. If you’re bothered by something, I suggest taking a deeper look inside yourself to see where the root of that really comes from.

Sunset chaser

What do thoughts do to our lives?

Positive Thinking Negative Thinking
  • Optimistic
  • Keeps a generally positive attitude
  • When defeated sees the situation as only temporary
  • Living in the moment, excited about the future
  • Pessimistic
  • Nothing is ever right in their mind
  • When defeated sees the situation as life ending.
  • Living mostly in fear, sadness or anger

We only control ourselves, the way we think of ourselves, treat ourselves, display ourselves. All of what we are and want to be, we control. Everything that you think, is giving off an energy all around you. This is your vibe.


Ever heard the saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe”?


This is the energy you put off, it is either pulling people towards you, or pushing them away. Usually like attracts like when it comes to vibes. You attract, people on the same wavelength as you, things you think you deserve, situations you think your worthy of. This is also a good explanation for karma, karma isn’t some weird super force, it’s your own subconscious punishing or rewarding you for your actions. Your thoughts around your actions predict your karma.



When you do something that you regret. You pretty much are holding a grudge against yourself. Playing the scenario over in your head, feeling bad about yourself, holding onto the negative thoughts and feelings. Eventually these thoughts come back, you’ve given yourself shit and now you are teaching yourself a lesson. This is why the universe is so complex, everything that is, is really inside us.


Grudges, resentment, self-disappointment, all the negative feelings, these are opportunities for you to learn about yourself. Accept yourself for your mistakes. Forgive and forget.

We don’t want to hold onto feelings.  Negative feelings are toxic in our bodies. We all make mistakes, look for the growth opportunities in every situation, change your reaction from “ugh why’d I do that”, to “I know I screwed up, I could have done this better, next time I’ll react differently”. Don’t beat yourself up. Learn your triggers, admit them to yourself, and work on it. This is why relationships fail over time. There are way too many hidden grudges, resentments and unspoken feelings. Resulting in blaming, accusing and hurting your partner. Most people are too afraid to admit their own weakness, and eventually this eats away at everything you ever loved. Be real, be honest, you’re not better than anyone else, and neither am I.


I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the positive thought jar experiment. In both jars pictured above, the exact same amount of rice and water were put in them. The only difference is that everyday one jar was given loving thoughts and messages, the other hateful thoughts and messages. You can see that there was a great difference in the way the rice responded depending on the energy it received. Whether it is rice or a human being. Your words have a huge impact on others and your life.

Positive words with good intentions behind them nurture and encourage growth.

Negative words with negative emotions rot and destroy you

If you really think about it, have you ever been around someone who felt like they were literally sucking the energy out of you?

This can even happens without saying anything, because it’s not just words that create vibes, our lives outcomes are the results of the things we think about most often.

If you have a positive outlook and think great things of yourself, of others and the world, then you add to the greatness and help improve the world around. If you always complain, criticize and find the negative in others and in things, then you are “rotting the rice.”

liberation (1)

Correcting Negative Thoughts

Positive thinking can start with a negative thought; the difference is how you react to that thought. How you respond to it in your head. We all have negative thoughts, learning to correct those thoughts with a positive message, can put those thoughts to rest.

Negative thought “I feel sad today, this whole day is going to suck now”

Positive message  “I feel sad today, but I will not let this effect my day, shake it off, life is good.”

Include a daily mantra in your self talk. This is a message you repeat to yourself often when negative messages come up. This helps bring your mind back to the principles you live by. I like to use “The body achieves what the mind believes”, “There is no better here than now.” or “What you think you become”, then I try to create situations in my mind that are positive, and believable for my mind to focus on instead. Trying to grow from each self destructive thought.


This knowledge, is so valuable for children to understand as they grow. If you can teach kids young that, hatred given off by others, is only a reflection of hatred that person feels for themselves. This will help them recognize their own weakness’, learn to take opinions less personally, and have a better understanding of the importance of how thoughts effect our lives.



PositiveThoughtsWe change and grow, one part of us dies, another is born everyday. Don’t be afraid of endings, trust that endings lead to new and better beginnings. Focus on being better everyday. Let the people and things you can’t control go, and what’s meant to be for you will always stay.





  1. LOVED this article! I’ve struggles with anxiety and learned that it really does take practice to control my negative thoughts. And the printable worksheet is a great tool!


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