Create Daily Practices + Worksheet

We can’t control the outcomes of every situation that happens in our lives. Each one, meant to teach us and guide us to something different. In both positive and negative ways, but we can implement daily practices to promote better resiliency to change and a more positive outlook.

No one does it better like the fightersworking hard at sea. We salute you!.png

Your daily practices, starting from the very moment you wake up, shape your day. The things you think, the things you read, the things you do, all relate to your current situation and the outcome that will follow. Everyday you get to decide to move forward into the life you are striving for, one small step at a time, or be still, in the life situation you have now.

We can’t control our health, how much money we make, or how much people will like us…  Things happen, people get sick, people win the lottery, but if we constantly feed our body with garbage, our body becomes unhealthy. This is a fact, but this we can control.

If our self-talk is negative, our self-image will be negative.

If we don’t show up for work, we don’t make any money.

If we don’t expose ourselves to new places, we’ll never know what new and exciting experience could be waiting for us.


Cheers to us!

What you practice over time will create progress. Practice is proven, anything you work on regularly you will gradually get better at. You can create the foundation of your lifestyle vision based on your beliefs. These are principles you choose to live by, the actual application of those principles is your practice. Just like if you drop something the law of gravity controls that it will fall. When you practice something, the law of principles controls that you will progress.

noun: practice

  1. the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method as opposed to theories about such application or use.

    “the principles and practice of teaching”

    synonyms: applicationexerciseuseoperationimplementationexecution

    “the practice of hypnosis”

The principles are like the rules behind the practice. I’ve created a worksheet to help you start to think of things you want to work on in your life. Here’s my example:

daily practice filled out

Start with your intentions, mine are kind of vague but these are areas that require attention in my life. Trust me their are many more but these are things I am currently working on. You don’t want you list to be too long. This is an ever changing document that will grow with you. Create a practice that will work towards your intention.

My intention of improving focus is practiced in a many different areas (ie: daily stretching, vitamins, positive self talk, exercise, balanced meals…). Some of the practices will overlap with other intentions, everything is connected. Most of my practices work on each of my intentions. It’s a whole lifestyle of growth, your life improves when you focus on bettering yourself.

stop saying

A lot of people try to rush through the practice, and wonder why they aren’t receiving the outcomes they desired.

Practice cannot be forced, rushed, or given.

Practice takes time and effort. We are in control of the practices we set for ourselves, but what comes of those practices we have no control over. We have to trust that consistent daily practices will provide positive growth and change. You just have to commit.

Everything from, the food you put in your body, the people you associate with, the way you spend your money, the information you choose to read about… You control the focus, and create the practice but after that you have to surrender to the outcome. After a while you’ll figure out certain practices that bring you closer to the outcomes you desire. Then do more of those. Every single lesson in life leads to another. Each lesson will be presented to you in different forms until you have learned it. The “failures” are just as much of the process as the success’.

The practices you develop have to be what feels right for your life. Everyone’s lives are complex, not two ways of living and being will be identical for two people.


If you eat healthy and workout every day you will see ongoing changes in your body. If you choose a short term 30 day fitness program, then stop at the end. Your body will change as you practice, but as soon as you stop, so will your body. A healthy lifestyle cannot be viewed in any short term frame. This requires a lifestyle of constant practice and dedication to yourself in all areas of your life.

If you create big dreams and work towards them every single day, overtime you will achieve progress towards those dreams.

Consistent, constant effort, is always the key to success.

There will always be days that your efforts are higher than others, that’s normal. Practice will vary, some days we push harder than others. Part of you practice should be to listen to your body and your life, adjust your practices to your current situation to avoid burn outs.

You’re constantly training for something you may not even know you’re training for. The practice you put in today, is training you for the outcomes of tomorrow.

You will be surprised how much your practice effects the outcomes and progress of your life. We do have some control over our dreams and outcomes. Remember, practice will always lead to progress.

Here’s a printable worksheet to start writing our some intentions and practices for yourself.

You may find that you have a lot of healthy practices already. That’s great, we always have things we can work on. I should really be adding daily housecleaning as a practice, but I’m not ready to commit to that yet.

practice LT




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