We’ve all hit the plateau and honestly you should want to, it’s actually a good thing. Every new experience starts out as fun and exciting (job, hobby, fitness). Plateaus are the down times, little or no change after a period of great progress or success. Plateaus are actually necessary when working towards success. Consistent effort pays off, but consistent effort does not mean consistent change. Change will happen at it’s own pace you just need to stay committed to the work.


Achieving and maintaining progress through a plateau is harder but the continuous effort and work during a plateau is what creates a stronger more determined version of yourself to battle the future plateaus. What really sets winners apart from everyone else is their ability to notice plateaus when they appear, while staying focused, positive and motivated.

I have been asked questions like these 100’s of times:

“I’ve been losing 2 lbs a week for the last three months and now I’m not losing anything. What can I do to kick start again? “

“I’ve been running for months but I can’t seem to get my distance further and my speed hasn’t gotten faster in weeks. How do I keep progressing?”

Progress is actually the ability to keep going, so even though you think you’ve hit the dip or a plateau you can’t think about it. Because what you think you become. You have to think positive about the success so far, the work, the commitment you set and the positive future you can envision as you keep going.

The Dip repeats itself often through life.

The biggest changes and easiest changes in ourselves seem to happen when we start something new. Then somewhere in the following months many people hit the dip, deal with low motivation, feeling discouraged and hopeless. A lot of people completely stop trying when these times occur. Our negative thought patterns become stronger and try to take over. Realize these dips are what actually bring you from short term success to long term continuous progress and success. During my physical journey I have had many dips and rises, they have been crucial to my experience and knowledge. Here’s a few suggestions for those feeling like they’re in a plateau:

Change Often:


I love this quote, because it’s so true. When you start something it’s never really easy it’s just more interesting and more rewarding at the beginning. You are achieving something new and progress is happening fast. Because our bodies adapt to change pretty quickly we have to constantly push ourselves to be challenged. Think about it., the same repetitions lifting the same amount of weight eventually won’t feel challenging anymore. We have to adapt and build as often as our bodies do. Don’t settle for being good at where you are you have to be ready to push yourself all the time. Plateaus are times for you to reflect, catch up to where your body is now and work on a developing a new challenge. Change your fitness program get excited about it. Change your diet focus on real food and macros for getting enough protein as this is key to muscle development. Get more rest, sometimes we can push ourselves to exhaustion. Pay attention to your body sometimes we can benefit from a week of lower intensity.

Surrender Yourself:


This sounds easy and you may think you are already surrendering to your life. But actually following through with this takes a lot of practice. Adapting to change is hard. Letting go of the outcome, even if it’s something you really want and focusing on the moment. You have to be okay with the fact that your body works on its own timeline. There will be many things out of your control on this journey. You need to become absolutely okay with that, surrender to the process. Accept what is, what might be and act on what you can change. Once you shift your mindset from “Oh my god I can’t do this anymore” to “The best is yet to come. Stay focused now and everything will be better than ever soon.” Your mind will adapt and automatically this starts helping you work through these more challenging times. I cannot highlight how important positive self-talk is. Don’t get mad and discouraged this causes resistance within and will only make the process more challenging.

Reflect and Improve
Reflect often on where you are at now and the practice you need to do to get better. The only way to improve is to accept where we are now, be real with yourself. Determine any barriers that you need to break through and which improvements you want to focus on now. Then decide what steps you are going to take to get there, be realistic when setting improvements.


Motivate yourself
The reason has to come from within. If you’re working towards any vision you have to be doing it for yourself. The amount of likes and follows on social media should not matter if you are actually doing this for yourself. Let your social media posts motivate yourself. My social media pages are for ME. I’m glad that other people enjoy my posts and photos. But ultimately I would be doing exactly the same thing everyday whether or not I could take and post photos.

Sometimes we have to totally quit one plan to actually get on the right one. Don’t worry about what other people think. Commit to the whole pro

cess. Winners and successful people actually seek out these dips. They realize the bigger the barrier at the bottom, the bigger the reward when we get past it. Stick to your niche and don’t let the dip make you quit. Let the dip help you grow.


the dip




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