5 Reasons Short Term Fitness Programs Often Fail

This is a featured post I wrote and am sharing a short excerpt and link to the full post for you to read. Read full post at: http://slimclipcase.com/5-reasons-short-term-fitness-programs-often-fail/

Instant gratification. For a lot of people this is our greatest weakness. When we want something we tend to want it now. It’s all or nothing in our minds, including the way we work on ourselves. If the changes aren’t quick they’re seen as worthless.


We are wired to attract to things that offer quick results or rewards. Often forgetting that the outcome we really want is not the quick and easy results. The type of results we want are bigger and better than that. The downfall we tend to see is that they require long term focus, permanent lifestyle changes, and years of hard work and dedication. Quick results don’t last, and many fitness programs use this instant gratification weakness to get you to choose their product or program. Promising results in as little as 10,30, 60 days, whatever the time frame is. These are marketing tactics the fitness industry uses to attract the weaker mind. These marketing styles set us up for failure in a lot of ways.

Some Tips for Success

  • Be accountable to yourself. Don’t depend on sharing your results and progress with friends, groups and social media. The only person you have to impress is yourself. I tend to not even mention when I am trying new workout plans or see physical changes I want my results to speak for themselves.
  • Fully Commit. There is a different between interested and committed. You have to be fully ready to commit there is no in between when it comes to fitness success.
  • Accept the process. There will be good days and hard days. These are all necessary to teach you determination. You are strong enough to push through any obstacle.
  • Set a daily time. There has to be a scheduled time in your day (especially Monday to Friday) that you have an hour to yourself that you can move your body and get active. It has to just be part of your day, just like you don’t think about how long you take to shower. You shouldn’t question this hour it takes to feel good about yourself.
  • Think about forever. This has to be something you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Obviously the intensities of your fitness level will change but that time is set and dedicated to you every day for the rest of your life. Don’t even let the questions of how? when? Where? what about when I’m 50? These are all self-doubtful and negative messages. Ignore them, tune them out, focus on now, those thoughts don’t matter. You are healthy strong and ready to start a new way of living NOW. Don’t wait.
  • Success is continuing no matter what. Your success is not in your results it’s in your ability to keep going. It’s not about bragging on the weight you lost in 6 months. Likely hood is in 6 months most people have gained it back. The idea is that 3 years from now you’ll have results others dream of. You just need to keep going. 
  • Clap for yourself. You have to be your own cheerleader through this. Some people you know will be jealous, unsure, and opinionated about your lifestyle changes. You would think this was their life or something. Just ignore the advice you don’t want to hear. Don’t let negativity pull you down. This is your vision not theirs.
  • Do what you love. Find exercises you love; and things that target the areas you want to work on. There’s no point on repeatedly doing something you hate every day.
  • Be mindful. Eat a healthy diet, spend time with your family and friends, ask the right experienced people for help. Lifestyle changes are not meant to be the end of your social life, but they will likely change the way you choose to socialize, and probably who you socialize with. Once you start seeing results over time you no longer want to jeopardize your body by drinking too much or eating the wrong foods, you tend to be more mindful of what you choose to put in your body after working so hard for so long. You start to make long term choices due to your long term efforts.




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