Put In The Work

Dreams don’t just happen, you gotta put in the work, behind the scenes. Everyday focusing on little steps to improve your life. It’s not about getting to a finish line we always have to remember there is no end. This is no race. Just as there is no better here then now. Cause when you get to the next here you are going to want something different. It will be a continuous staircase of lifelong growth and changes. 

We have these big dreams in our minds of achieving or owning certain things and I think there’s a bit of a false reality with what life is going to really be like after you get there. Sure, you can save money build a dream home, quit your job… But after all that many people still feel like there’s something missing in their lives. That’s the thing we are creatures of change. We will constantly develop and grow, focus on new things. We can’t limit ourselves or close doors we’re in this school called life and there are only lessons and they will repeat themselves until we learn, it is never ending.

Love your body, love your life, and challenge yourself. But don’t forget that everyone’s starting somewhere different. You can’t compare your life to someone elses. You are here in this moment for a reason. The people you think have it better than you is really only a perception. They have their own struggles too, and some people will choose not to face them. Hiding their past and ultimately letting it eat away at their happiness. One day it will resurface and they’ll have to face themselves and it will be even more challenging. Don’t wait for things to spiral out into chaos. Start now. It’s the only way to improve. Small continuous efforts ad up over time. Change isn’t easy and will have painful moments. These are important parts to our growth. Use anything that is available to help you and develop positive ways of dealing with those harder times. Every little step makes you stronger in so many ways. I believe you can do this. ❀


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