Your Body Has Its Own Timeline

You can start today and change your whole life. But your body will not generally change the way you want or expect it to. Your body has it’s own timeline and it just takes time and focus on every area. And with time and focus on your body in every area you will tend to find your mind begins to focus on different parts of your life as well.

As you physically develop and change your body your mind constantly does too. And sometimes this is painful. And sometimes your body reacts to your changes in your mind and your life and you have very little control. Things don’t go right and your life is a mess. But that’s called life. You can’t let those changes and challenges stop you from getting back up and starting from wherever you ended up.Β When you spend time focusing on yourself your life events are YOUR path and you stop living by someone else’s idea of how your life should be.

We all have insanely busy difficult lives. My staple meal is eggs and gf toast with a vega shake because it takes like no time at all. We are all rushed that’s the whole reason for needing to unwind. Spend some time on ourselves in any way you like to. But not watching t.v. or napping. Doing something that moves your body and pumps your heart.

Don’t limit yourself to one activity or workout routine. Just as running alone is not enough to keep you fit neither is simply strength training or anything that is repetitive routine. Let one thing lead to another and your body will naturally adapt and want to try new things. Our bodies like change you’ll find you’ll plateau physically and mentally lose interest completely so let yourself be embarrassed cause really who cares now a days were all a little weird. No one does anything really right honestly “fake it till you make it.”

Don’t give up on your body cause in turn your slowing your personal development possibilties. Don’t you want to see what you can possibly acheive? It has been proven that people that are physcially active and push themselves are more successful and overall happy with their lives.



  1. You mention three things that are crucial for me: don’t give up on your body, stay active and push yourself. I believe those 3 things will keep anyone fit and healthy all their lives. Great post!

    -Fabi at Wonder Fabi

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