Why You Should Stop Planning Your Whole Life

Plan your week, plan your meals, plan your trip, plan your summer, plan your workouts, plan your career… The list goes on, we’re constantly taught to plan for success. But we cannot predict our future we will never know what’s going to happen next in our lives, so it’s really hard to set such plans.

Making plans up in our head creates a set expectation of ourselves and the outcome of the situations to come. “Stick to the plan”. “And what if I don’t? Anything unplanned is failed plans?”

This doesn’t make sense we are not allowing ourselves to be open to the unexpected. To enjoy the unplanned, the unpredicted. We need to stop looking for time based, quick rewards. It has been proven that the current self likes instant gratification but the mind knows it’s not a long term payoff. We value long-term benefits when they are in the future, but we react on immediate gratification when it comes to the present moment. Realize that the true predictor of life success is in the ability to delay this gratification over long-terms.

Plans never really seemed to work for me. The second I had a firm plan or set expectation in place I always seemed to procrastinate, lose sight, worry, and never enjoyed the actual moments in the process. Constantly reflecting back. “Is this in the plan?”, “Should I be doing this?”, “Things are not going as planned?”, “I should just stop trying”, “Screw the plan I’m doing what I want!”

It seemed the more I planned the more stressed out it made me, the more trapped I felt. The more anxious and worried I was about the outcome. A plan is usually implemented to help us achieve success but our present selves get too caught up in the now and quick gratification.

Plans can be useful. I’m not saying don’t plan for anything in your life. Some things do require some planning and intentional thought ahead of time. But today most people spend more time over planning, over expecting, over stressing and the plans still don’t follow through.

There are way too many unpredictable factors in life that we cannot plan around.  Most often the “failed” plans are as much a part of the whole journey that ultimately creates your future. These challenges are what lead you to your true purpose. Often the challenges and obstacles that ruin our plans are actually opportunities to expand yourself, learn and grow. Plans go unplanned to teach us resilience, to teach us patience, to teach us that we have to let things go before we know if those things are truly meant to come back for us.

Currently when things don’t go as planned most people blame themselves, get let down, discouraged, think they failed, and sometimes completely stop trying. They stop feeling motivated, lose confidence, and doubt in their ability to ever follow a plan and succeed for themselves in the future.


Instead of setting plans, set intentions. These are things you think you should aim for but have no clear expectation of when or how it’s going to play out. But intend to work towards these expectations a little bit everyday. The best moments in our lives are often unexpected, unpredicted and come after trying, and falling, and climbing back up, over and over again. We need to allow those ups and downs to run their course. They have an ultimate purpose in our destiny.

You have to believe that all things are possible and have a blast with the process. Change your perspective, to see the unplanned events as lessons/opportunities. You may like some of these lessons or think they’re stupid and irrelevant. But the universe has more control over this aspect of attraction than you do. And the more you fight it the more you seem to constantly struggle over and over.

Lessons in life are repeated and presented to you in various forms. If you keep ending up at the same road block and you keep thinking “Why do I always end up in this position?” You need to really look inside yourself, think of new ways to react to these situations that isn’t in frustration or anger.

Try telling yourself “This is only a lesson, that will ultimately lead me to something bigger and better.”


This is training your mind and over time this reaction to unpredictable situations becomes instinct. Challenges will start to flow through you instead of create chaos inside you and bogg you down. You have to realize that all that chaos is created inside yourself. You had different expectations. You saw things differently in your mind. But they didn’t go that way and there is a reason for that you have to believe that.

Tips to get started:

  1. Set an intention. Whether that be fitness, financial, personal growth… And tell yourself everyday that you are working at getting better and better at doing that, and you will if you believe you will.
  2. Build a healthy habit. Start small, don’t worry about results. AGAIN stop focusing on the outcome/results. You are committed to the process results WILL FOLLOW. Trust and know this in yourself. You’re not expected to be a master that takes many, many years.
  3. Know your weakness. Set things in place to help you through your weakness. If you know you get distracted with something every time you’re alone and intended to workout or clean the house. And still continuously find yourself on the phone or distracting yourself eliminate the ability. Turn your phone completely off for a certain time frame. Or if your issue is gambling ban yourself from casino and block every gambling website so you cannot access it. Don’t purchase the super size pack of cookies if you intend to eat healthy (like seriously you will eat them ALL if you have them.)

Small gradual gratification is real progress towards your purpose; this is the secret to success. Don’t force progress, but achieve little things all the time, constantly working, getting better, working… Trust yourself and tell yourself you are always getting better and better progressing everyday. Set less definitive expectations of yourself or others, live more free and in the moment.

Sometimes these “lesson” moments are extremely frustrating, trust me I can definitely understand that. But your purpose in life suddenly becomes clearer when you stop trying to find it and start living more in and through each moment. You will get better at using your intuition and start seeing and following the little synchronicities (What is synchronicity?: Synchronicities are preprogrammed experiences that occur when one’s DNA is programmed for a specific event in time… Something happens. You react. You think, “This is a coincidence. I must investigate further.” You do … then more synchronicities occur and you are suddenly following an exciting line of action and reaction. Your soul is sending you on a journey. click here to read source) that occur in our lives.

Why You Should Stop Planning your whole life-We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.-


6 thoughts on “Why You Should Stop Planning Your Whole Life

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  1. Such good info! You still have goals, just choose to more open to life while achieving them. I love that idea. Such a different approach than what’s usually preached at us all these days.


  2. What a great reminder! We are working to grow our business and it’s hard to step back and let things just happen. We’ve had to consciously try to not force something to work that would really change our overall vision for our business. I like the idea of setting intentions. Thank you for sharing!


  3. I needed to read this today. I too spend too much time focusing on planning and expecting things to go a certain way only to be disappointed when it doesn’t go as planned. Especially with children this only adds more stress. I need to start living with intentions instead of plans and enjoy the little unexpected moments in life more.

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