Expect Less, Appreciate More

We all get a little too consumed within ourselves sometimes and we can forget about acknowledging the people in our lives that are always there for us, especially those closest to us. We forget that they often put their lives on hold to help us with ours. We forget that they aren’t expected to drop everything for us and sometimes they really don’t want to. But often they do anyways they put their needs second and ours first.

We have to realize though that people usually stop wanting to be there when they aren’t feeling valued or appreciated. They may have been there the last 10 times but if they haven’t been acknowledged, appreciated or showed that they were valued those times, it won’t last. Don’t expect the same things to continue forever, people change, grow and realize. One day they will decide I’m not putting myself on hold for someone that doesn’t even acknowledge the effort or time lost that they could be focusing on something else instead.

Family is meant to be there for us through thick and thin. And vice versa, we should be right there for them too. But in both regards both people in this exchange should feel appreciated and glad they were able to help the other person. Most of the time this appreciation inclines us to want to be there for them again and again. Because you feel good because you are valued for who you are and so does the other. Increasing their connection and trust for the other person. The moment this exchange starts to feel expected or not truly heartfelt appreciated. You’ll notice a change in attitude in the other person, a kind of resentment they may not even notice they’re holding but we often fail to acknowledged our own unappreciative behavior that caused this change.

We should all work a little harder on being more aware and have less expectations so we make people feel properly appreciated.

As a society we have to become more aware of our own selves. We notice a negative change in people towards us, we think we deserve better. Think about what you may have done that changed their attitude. Don’t expect them to stay the same when you didn’t either. You stopped valuing them. Over time people get sick of that. Ask yourself: Do I expect more than I should be? Am I matching the effort in myself that I’m expecting from others?




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