Starting from the Bottom

I rather have worked from the very fucking bottom then never have started at all.

I hate before pictures I rarely share them because I just don’t like looking back. I don’t think it’s helpful and I’m not comparing my body to then because I cant. 

I was in an emotionally raw abused time in my life. I was emotionally eating, hating myself, afraid of everything the future held. I was binge eating, not eating, attempting every fad workout and diet plan ultimately knowing I would fail. Because that’s what I thought of myself a failure. I was so lost and so scared but never showed any of it. 

All my worst fears came true everyday because that’s all I focused on. But trust me when I say it’s not a permanent place and the control is actually in your own hands. But that’s hard to see when you feel really crappy about your life.

I plan to start sharing some information on hypnotherapy and self hypnosis here on my blog and how this really transformed my life. In hopes that some of you can benefit from learning these amazing self development skills for yourselves. And use them to transform your mind, body and soul. 

I’m still not sure how that’s going to come out, what that’s going to look like or when but I’m just going to let that happen and hope for the best. Since the right things in life happen for themselves on their own timeframe once you trust and believe in the process. Follow your intuition. And follow my blog and hopefully your life can start transforming too.


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