Love Handle Exercise: Hanging Leg Twist (short video)

A problem area for me to tone has always been the love handles. I have found some really great exercises to tone the back and sides. Here’s one exercise I call it hanging leg twist but I don’t know if that’s a proper term.

If you don’t already have a pull up bar at home you really should. They’re cheap and often on kijiji. Even just dead hangs help decompress your spine and promote good posture, grip strength and core stability. That alone is enough a reason to hang from a bar every day.

Trust me I couldn’t even do a chin up, pull up or anything when I got mine and it happened quick. I went from 1 to 4 to 10 in a year. My rule was every time I walked in and out of my room I would try to do as many chin ups and pull ups as I could. Which ads up but doesn’t feel hard.

My back progress has amazed myself. The thing is though you gotta commit to really trying your best to do them everyday. No slacking. It doesn’t have to be perfect form but repition ads up trust me.

Video Link:




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