Its More Mental Than Physical

My goal on this blog is to share not so much how to work out, and what to eat to lose weight. There is enough of that all over the internet already. And when you think about it the real problem isn’t not knowing how. The real problem is the process of starting, committing, sticking to, and doing every day. But ultimately this becomes easier and easier as your look at your day and life differently.

The mental battle, this is the real struggle people seem to have. The physical part gets easier pretty quick, we adapt we get stronger.

My goal here is to help retrain your mind to want to do something different than you have been doing up until now. To realize that every little effort you start doing will slowly create a larger and larger wave effect. Slowly but consistently transforming your life more and more as you repeat these changes daily. Consistent change over years is what you want in the long run. Quick drastic changes don’t last.

I know the feeling because I have and still do struggle with the mental battle. It won’t ever stop. Making yourself do something even though your brain tells you not to isn’t easy. Our brain likes comfort. I can say that ultra-running really taught me how to practice this. How to get out of my comfort zone. And tolerate discomfort. Attempting to run from one day to the next is an insane mental battle. Even though we can be physically trained to complete things the mental struggle can sometimes defeat us.

Many runners fail to complete an ultramarathon due to the emotions it exposes.

Many people fail to attempt something new due to the emotions it exposes.

People are afraid. People are afraid to change.

Do you know what I was more afraid of than changing?

I was more afraid of failing. But when I didn’t fail and I succeeded I started to become more afraid of looking like an over achiever. I was more afraid of what people thought. This is just dumb and I refuse to let those messages in my head hold me back in any way.

I will push through with everything I can even if I look like an idiot doing it.


I want to help people feel that feeling of freedom. There is a huge link between physical strength and mental strength. Both increase the other and are way more enjoyable when worked on together. Our vision should be to improve gradually and holistically (as a whole).



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