School of Life

At what point do people suddenly start thinking they don’t need to learn anymore? In my mind this is a full time school of life.

If you think about life we have many stages. We develop extremely quickly the for the first 5 years. Then we go to school to learn, socialize, play sports, we get involved in all kinds of ways throughout our youth. Different lessons are presented to us daily, and they still are no matter how old we get. It seems like when people settle down too much after their education is over, get comfortable in a relationship. They seem to think that’s it the learning part of life is done, done being active, just focus on work full time, then dinners, drinks and socialize and have fun. Which is part of life for sure. But teacbers, mentors will always show up randomly throughout life in many different ways. We all need to take advantage of every opportunity to learn. Learn from children, parents, elders. Age means nothing. I Β know I am also continously learning about myself because I’m always changing and growing. We can choose to be prepared, and let these lessons make us stronger and better. Or do nothing and continuously be faced with the same lessons over and over again. Causing you to suffer in anger, frustration and have poor me attitudes/lifestyles. Choice is always yours. ✌


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