I Know What I am Not

I know what I am not but I also know what I had to work to learn. I am not a professional nor do I have a University degree. But have spent countless hours working in a University helping students navigate their way through emotions, life challenges, loss and illness. I am ot a yoga... Continue Reading →

We’re All Gifted

The more I get to know different people from different places with different backgrounds. The more I start to realize how gifted each person is in their own specific way. I don't know if I just like to find the good in people but I just see so much opportunity in each and every person... Continue Reading →

Just Writing

I've been so busy at work and at home lately that writing on here on my blog has seemed to be pushed to the sidelines. I seem to think I need to put a lot of time and effort into the posts I write which is just too time consuming. So here is my first... Continue Reading →

Yes It’s Embarassing!

Having a mental illness is embarassing. It's not easy to have a hard time managing your everyday life when it appears like everyone else has their shit together, except you. Taking a mental health day feels fround upon in today's society. When you're sick, you push through and you make it work. We stress ourselves... Continue Reading →

Invisible Battles

Today I'm really feeling the struggle of being judged for my invisible battles. Mental Illness, Moods, Eating Disorder hald controls my life. Some days this creates chaos, but no this is not a choice. It's a battle that no one can see, or understand and fighting it is so lonely.

Actions Speak to All

This quote speaks to me today for whatever reason. We can have all these amazing thoughts, ideas, and powerful intentions, but without action to turn those thoughts into action and experiences, they create nothing. Get out of your head, and thoughts and start putting forth the actions to increase positive experiences. Happy Friday!

Stop Glorifying Weight Loss

I came across a quote similar to this today and it resonated with me so much. I have been personally glorified, looked up to, and raved upon for losing weight. When all along this turned into an eating disorder. Society is half to blame. Can we all just stop glorifying weight loss like it is... Continue Reading →


I'll be the first to admit that I fell into a trap. The trap of feeding my eating disorder with knowledge I don't know is fact. I started a cleanse with the intention to lose weight and "heal" my insides which led to extreme food restrictions, binging, over exercising and selective eating. Until I ended... Continue Reading →

World Mental Health Day 2018

Living with a mental illness is not easy. But it can be easier if you work on putting a support system in place that works for you. It has taken me years to actually recognize my weaknesses, and decide to reach out to the appropriate support people when I found I needed them. Don't wait... Continue Reading →

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